Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Wedding Day. . . June 28, 2014

Chad and Lisa's Wedding! It was a rainy cool, humid day, but lot's of fun!

 Lily, a beautiful flower girl.
 Little Jack Jack

 Connor the ring bearer.

Connor and Lily were so cute dancing together.

 Momma Nuttall

 Sweet Erin


 Little Penny



 Sis Inlaws

Grandma and her girls.

 The flower girls and ring bearer.

 Waiting for the wedding to start. . . 

 If you look closely in these pictures you can see the rain pouring down.  It started raining hard just as Lisa started to walk toward the tent.

 But the ceremony went on. . .

Hooray for the happy couple!


 The Best Man

 Nuttall Boys

 We were trying to be serious in these and Lily got mad at us for trying to make her not smile. Silly girl.

 Carl photo bombed that one.

 Eating some tasty grub.

Dancing the night away. . .

Driving to Washington. . .

Getting started on our 14 hour drive to Arlington, Washington to see Chad and Lisa get married! 

Friday we went to Kayak Point County Park for a bridal shower and Nuttall / Caldwell friends and family get together.

 Kids playing at the park.

View from the pier.

Ryan, "I can see my house from here."

Where's Kirk?

It was very, very windy.  Felt like Idaho weather.

Picnic with friends and family.

Jack loves his chips!

Skipping and throwing rocks into the water.

Cool little crab Kirk found in the rocks

 Captain Kirk

 It's never a Nuttall party without a fire. 

The Nuttall children observing the tide.

Cool cat Brad telling a story to Miss Melissa.

 Erin always has the best poses. 

 My bubba and me. 

Mr. Chad

 Lisa's mom Pam, an excellent hostess.

 Jack exploring the shore.

 Ryan, "I claim this land."

 Lily and her buddy Kathleen.

 Mr. Connor

 A dead rotten crab. 

 Another tiny crab Kirk found. 

 Top Dog

 Jack and his buddy Erin.

 Aww... what a cutie.